Reg. S.A.G.A.R.P.A. Q-1069-078


Each ml. contains:
Fenilbutazone 200 mg.
Sodium Salycilate 50 mg.
Water c.b.p. 1 ml.

The active substances of this product are two non steroidal antinflammatory as: fenilbutazone – a pirazolonic by product and the sodium salycilate obtaining an analgesic power. It acts as an inhibitor of prostaglandin synthesis.
It is indicated in order to treat articular pains as well as those lesions that are caused by muscular lesions. When it is applied, the horse can develop a very high grade of performance during training or during sportive competitions such as: races, jumps, rodeo riding, polo, etc.
The two active substances arrive directly to the congested or swollen tissues as: joints, tendons, synovial capsules or muscles by applying a very powerful action (analgesic, sedative, anti rheumatic and antipyretic).

Technical Data