Reg. S.A.G.A.R.P.A. Q-1069-044


After adding the diluent, each ml. contains:
Benzatinic Penicillin G 8, 000 U.I.
Procaine Penicillin G 3,000 U.I.
Potassium Penicillin G 1, 000 U.I.
Sulphate Dihydrostreptomycin 10 mg.
Sulphate Streptomycin 10 mg.
Diluent c.b.p. 1 ml.
Sterile diluent, each ml. contains:
Sodic Dipirone 5 mg.
Guayacol sterile ether 1.5 mg.
Vehicle c.b.p. 1 ml.

AVIPEN is made especially for birds. The combination of penicillin, strepto and dihydrostreptomycin make this product a wide range antibiotic which acts over Gram positive and Gram negative germs. In the formula we can find sodic dipirone, an antipyretic and analgesic that fights fever or hyperthermia and pain. This formula also presents Guayacol gliceric ether, an expectorant and cardio respiratory stimulant.
AVIPEN is indicated in order to treat infectious coryza, the chronic respiratory disease and those complications that are caused by some diseases as: infectious bronchitis, laryngotracheitis and newcastle.

Technical Data