Reg. S.A.G.A.R.P.A. Q-1069-014


Each ml contains:
Sodium Dimethyl (oxi) arsenate 5 g.
Sodium Glycerophosphate 1.05 g.
Strychnine Sulfate 100 mg.
Vitamin B12 (cianocobalamine) 10 mcg.
Injection grade water c.b.p. 100 ml.

This product is very useful in order to treat anemia, post partum paralysis, stress and metabolic imbalances, in case of infertility and sexual deficiency.
It is a stimulant for the nervous system and acts as a tonic.
Strychnine is an appetite stimulant and a tonic for the nervous system; arsenic is a tonic which excites the cellular functions, the production of red corpuscles as it increases hemoglobin formation.
K-TON-12 helps repairing the muscular wear due to fatigue, it makes the animal skin look healthier, and it gives lots of energy and a better attitude towards work.

Technical Data